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Section Leader


Working Hours: Full Time , Hours per week - 37 


Appointment Type:Permanent 

Location:Barnsdale Way, Grove Park, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 1ES 


Closing date:12 August 2022 at midnight 

SECTION: Distribution Warehouse   
ESPO is responsible for the supply of goods and services to the Consortium Members of Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Leicester City, Lincolnshire, Peterborough City, Warwickshire, Norfolk and other public bodies within the area and nearby.  As a means of providing part of the service, ESPO maintains a 120,000sq ft warehouse at Grove Park for the storage and distribution of a wide range (approximately 10,000 different items), of educational, stationery and cleaning materials and other goods to schools, offices, homes and other establishments and distributes goods to a planned schedule using a fleet of its own, contractor and courier vehicles.
To actively manage both core staff and additional seasonal staff on shift, sharing the management of staff across the warehouse in conjunction with the other Section Leaders (be they Goods In, Replenishment, Picking or Goods Out). This is in order to balance the staff across all sections to satisfy the overall requirements of the shift and ensure the efficient flow of product throughout the warehouse in accordance with the required objectives.
The Section Leader is responsible a range of duties which include :
In conjunction with the Shift Manager plan staff resource to achieve the required program of targets, and ensure staff perform their duties in an efficient manner.
Be aware of overall output required from the warehouse and work with the other Section Leaders (be they Goods In, Replenishment, Picking or Goods Out) to ensure those requirements are met. Ensure that resource is balanced to achieve those requirements. Be aware of how that required output evolves through the working week, day and shift, and that priorities and staffing requirements within each section need to flex in order to ensure that the overall output targets are met.
Plan, and assign the work to the staff  resource, monitor completion, and review activity and  resources through the shift.   Actively monitor the workflow and adjust priorities to ensure completion in a timely manner.
Actively manage the team between the zones and  sections to ensure the efficient flow of product throughout  the warehouse, achieve targets and ensure the full and efficient use of resources.
Have due regard for the work load and capacity of incoming shifts in order that a prioritised and seamless handover may be facilitated and short term capacities may be flexed wherever possible in advance.
Motivate, direct, instruct and guide staff as is necessary  to ensure that objectives are achieved, and the workflow is completed in a timely manner.
Assist the Shift Manager with the recruitment of staff for the Warehouse Section teams.
Liaise with the Shift Manager to develop and implement agreed induction and service training to meet required standards and objectives for all relevant staff.  Ensure all staff within the relevant team are appropriately trained.
Monitor the performance of staff, and take appropriate actions to ensure agreed quality and performance standards are maintained, and provide feedback  about individual and team performance.
Carry out periodic Personnel Development and Performance Reviews and Appraisals with staff.
Attend and participate in internal and external training and development courses, to assist in achieving organisational objectives and personal development.  Be willing to undertake training in all areas (Goods In, Replenishment, Picking or Goods Out).
Liaise with the relevant incoming/outgoing Section Leaders of the other shifts to ensure that an effective handover is fully covered and ensure a seemless workflow between shifts.
Cross training between departments to allow coverage of other sections as required in the event of Holidays, sickness or absence
Actively review operations, and consider and recommend changes in working procedures or equipment to improve efficiency, service, quality of output, or safety of operations etc.
Monitor and initiate the required service, maintenance and repair of equipment and the purchase of consumable materials as required.
Any other duties as may reasonably be required.
The work pattern is an alternating, two shift system (06.00hrs – 15:45hrs/ 14:00hrs – 21:45hrs Monday to Thursday and 06.00hrs– 13.30hrs /14:00hrs – 20.45hrs Friday).
Night shift Sunday to Wednesday 22:00hrs to 05:45hrs/ 22:00hrs to 05:15hrs Friday.
Work breaks, etc through the shift to be arranged so that in normal circumstances the Shift Manager or Section Leader  is always on duty and available.
Some overtime will be required to cover the daily handover period, periodic meeting and to complete daily tasks, particularly during the busier periods.  The supervisory team will each be required to cover a proportion of agreed Saturday mornings and other overtime during busy periods.
A Section Leader may be a Key holder for the premises, and be responsible for ‘opening up’ in good time before an early shift, ensuring the building is secure at the end of the day/shift, and ‘locking up’,  and, exceptionally, responding, if available, in case of emergency call out.
Be aware of the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and ensure that ESPO complies with the specified procedures.
Carry out preventive inspections and checks, risk assessments and post incident investigations and take the necessary or appropriate actions.
Due to the nature of the work within the Warehouse and Service Yard, in which mechanical handling equipment is operating, all employees shall operate with a duty of care and consideration for themselves, other employees and all other users of the warehouse and  service yard.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), in the form of Approved Safety Footwear and ‘Hi-Vis’ yellow jackets or waistcoats shall be worn at all times in the ESPO warehouse and service yard.

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